AeroEdge.NYC: Bridging the Gap Between Manned and Unmanned Aviation

At AeroEdge.NYC, we provide consulting services for those looking to enter the unmanned aircraft and drone operations industry. We understand that there is often a disconnect between current aviation systems and the future of unmanned aircraft.

Navigating the Complexities of Unmanned Aircraft Operations

Traditional aviation, heavily influenced by the shipping industry, is still the primary mode of transport and operations today. However, unmanned aircraft present a new frontier, and many organizations lack the aviation background needed to navigate this field effectively.

Challenges in Hiring Aviation Consultants

One of the challenges in hiring aviation consultants is the reluctance of pilots and other aviation professionals to embrace unmanned aircraft technology. This resistance can be frustrating for companies with talented teams working on cutting-edge unmanned aircraft projects.

AeroEdge.NYC: Embracing Progress and Supporting Innovation

At AeroEdge.NYC,, we believe that progress should not be hindered by adherence to outdated rules or resistance to change. We empathize with unmanned aircraft developers and operators who struggle to connect their work with traditional aviation practices.

Our team brings decades of experience in airlines, business development, and marketing within the aviation industry. We stay ahead of the curve and welcome technology in all aspects of our work.

By hiring AeroEdge.NYC, you gain access to our wealth of aviation knowledge, which we can share with your team. We can provide valuable input and out-of-the-box thinking, ensuring that your unmanned aircraft operations are designed and implemented with a solid foundation in aviation principles.

Without our guidance, your team may struggle with unanswered questions and make subtle mistakes that could have long-term consequences. By partnering with AeroEdge.NYC, you can transform your team from one that is intimidated and confused by the aviation industry to one that is confident and well-informed. We will be your ally, helping to answer questions and put things into context so that you can develop better products and navigate the future of aviation with confidence.